April 28, 2020

Kyle Hanson McKee

Kyle Hanson McKee is a freelance filmmaker, photographer, and producer based out of San Francisco, California. He went to college at the University of Oregon and double majored in Journalism and Cinema Studies. He specialized in documentary video production, and photojournalism. In 2014 his documentary Wolves in Willowa won the University Film Organization Film Festival.

After college, Kyle moved back to San Francisco and started working in the commercial video world. He quickly climbed ranks and became a producer. He gained experience shooting, editing, conceptualizing, casting, and art directing videos for companies such as Adobe, Coca Cola, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. In 2017, Kyle had a video installation featured at the San Francisco Film Festival artist lounge. Coworkers and creative partners have called Kyle a linchpin and a Swiss army knife of video production. He brings fresh ideas, positive enthusiasm, and a calm demeanor to all of his projects.