The Rainbow Honor Walk is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. We have no paid staff, nor do we receive government funds. We are entirely dependent upon donations.

Below are the names of those generous and history-loving companies and individuals who “walked the walk” with us to fund the design, construction and installation of our first 20 honoree plaques. In addition, we have received countless anonymous donations at street fairs and events. We are grateful for all. Finally, we are grateful for the ongoing support of the Human Rights Campaign Action Center & Store and their sale of “Rainbow Honor Walk” lapel pins and mugs as a continuing source of revenue.

$ 20,000 – $25,000


Allan Baird

Ron Collins, in loving memory of his brother, Donald O. Collins.

Hector Crawford and Ralph Hibbs

$ 8,000 and Higher

HRC Action Center & Store

Dell Corporation

Timothy J. Flint

Felipe Sanchez Paris & Otis Charles

Anthony Turney

Walmart PRIDE Associate Resource Group

$ 5000

AIDS Emergency Fund

Alvin Baum

Joe Chavez

James Nunemacher

JB Enterprises

Hearth Realty

Horizons Foundation

Keely Badger, Neda Nobari Foundation

Vanguard Realty

$ 1000 — $ 4000

Herth Real Estate


Jeff Berry & Eric Politzer

Alfredo Casuso & David Perry

Cliff’s Variety Store

Timothy Denike

Michael Fullam

Nigel Gamble

George Krevsky Gallery

Michael Helquist & Dale Danley

Karen Helmuth & Terri Hague

Mark McHale

Andrew Moran

Mary B. Nolan

Tony Origlio & Kip Vanderbilt

Charlotte Ruffner

Michael Hugh Shaw

David Speyer

Vanguard Properties

$ 500 – $ 999

Alan F. Morcos

Mike Smith

Kendall Stulce

Alan Thomsen

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

$ 1 – $ 499

Sabine Achilles

Andrea Aiello

Danice Akiyoshi

Tolga Akgun

Kathy Amendola

Alan Beach

Vincent Beaudet

Carol Rizzo Bee

Robert S. Birks & James E. Johnson

Eugene L. Bivins

Mary K. Blue


Caelan Borowiec

Harris C. Bostic

Clifford & Madeline Browning

Emery Bushong

Antonello Caboni

Thomas Cacciotti

A. Bert Cassan

Robert S. Chase

Kelly Clark

William Craven

Cruisin’ the Castro Tours

Jan Demarinis

Thomas M. Dross

Louisa Engels

Julio Robbie Fabian

Farouk & ShuSheng

Jeffrey & Diane Fink

Noel Flores

Thomas J. Fortin

Terry Geisr

Mila Gelman

Tamara Glasgow

Fara Gold

Daniel A. Goldes

Carolyn Gorldner

Peter Goss


Dawn Grzena

Barbara Gullion

Haight Booksmith, LLC

Madeline Hancock

Timothy L. Hansen

Bruce Harris

Elizabeth O. Haymond

Dawn Hilgesen

Robert Holgate

Frederick Hovey

Reagan Hudgens

Brian Jones

Evan Kavanagh

Daryl Kulp & Charles Burleson

Jane E. Langridge

James Lawrence

Benjamin Leong

Jeffrey Levin

William Lipsky

Jeffrey Long

Celeste Makoff

Jeffrey T. Makoff

Roxanne Makoff

Jay Margrey

Debra Martin

Richard May

Joy McCain

Jennine McFarlane

Mark McHale

Linda McCain & Mark Novakowski

Stuart Alan McFaul

Morrison & Forester Foundation

Tom Norwick

Debbie Pappas

Paul Parker

Ralph Patricelli

Melva Patterson

LD Price

Toussaint Redcross, Jr.

Joseph David Robinson

Maria Roddy

Diane Rosen

Rebecca Rowland

Ben Ruffner

Steven J. Schessler

Michael Sears

Gustavo Serina

Kris I. Smith

Michael L. Smith

Stephan Spijkers

Lisa Spivey

Larry Stiffler & Stanley Rodriguez

Kathleen Taft

The Katzmann Trego Family Trust

Anne M. Turner

Kenny Vick

William Watson

Brian J. Wilkinson & Mimi Charles

Michael Colton Windsor

Erica Worthington

Ann Wrixon

Alexander Zamora