The Rainbow Honor Walk seeks to honor heroines & heroes of the LGBT communities through a sidewalk tribute in San Francisco’s historic Castro district to honor their contributions. The Rainbow Honor Walk is an all-volunteer organization.

The criteria for the first 20 names to be placed on the Rainbow Honor Walk are as follows: Self expressed LGBT individuals, now deceased, who made significant contributions in their fields. Criteria for additional names to be added to the Walk over the years will change and adapt according to the wishes of the community working in concert with the Rainbow Honor Walk Board of Directors.

See the names and bios of the first 20 honorees here

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Rainbow Honor Walk Coffee Mug

Start your day by supporting the Rainbow Honor Walk! Drink your morning coffee from a limited edition mug, emblazoned with images of our first 20 honorees! Certain to become a collectors item, the Rainbow Honor Walk mug is available for purchase exclusively from the HRC Action Center & Store at 575 Castro Street. Look for the Harvey Milk portrait “looking out” of the window just above the door!