July 18, 2013

Joseph D. Robinson

Joseph D. Robinson has spent his career dedicated to the research, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and oncology HIV/AIDS and HCV, as well as drug discovery and development of novel compounds and vaccines in human disease.  Joe began his career as the practice administrator for Marcus A. Conant, M.D. and the Conant Medical Group, the largest, private HIV practice in San Francisco.  Joe later joined the life sciences industry, working with Donald P. Francis, M.D. at VaxGen, which initiated the first phase III preventive vaccine trials in sexually-transmitted and community-acquired HIV.  Later, he joined Presidio Pharmaceuticals, developing an efficacious antiviral drug to treat HCV.  Joe now works with Nurix Therapeutics in early drug discovery and development in search of novel compounds to treat cancer.

Joe served as the founding Secretary for the Conant Foundation and the Rainbow Honor Walk, where he has served for over a decade.  In the past, Joe served as the Team Manager for the San Francisco RockDogs basketball team, and over the last 30 years has volunteered and participated in several clinical trials devoted to the prevention of HIV transmission.  He lives with his spouse in San Francisco.